What the Heck Should We Wear to Our Engagement Session?

You've done everything else: you've scheduled your engagement session, picked the locations, and you're super excited. Only one thing stands in your way. You stand peering into your seemingly endless closet. There are so many options - what in the world will you wear?

1) Your engagement session is meant to capture your love of each other, not your love of your wardrobe. Outfit changes take time away from your shooting time, so I recommend keeping your outfits to a maximum of two. I recommend a casual outfit and one that is a little more dressy.

2) Be yourself. Your engagement photos are an extension of the two of you. I want you to be perfectly comfortable and happy in what you've chosen to wear. If you wear bowties & suspenders every day, feel free to rock those for your session! And if you've never worn heels in your life, don't worry about starting now.

3) Wear clothing that fits. It may be your favorite shirt in the whole world, but if it's too baggy or too tight, it won't suddenly look fabulously flattering in photos. Go for pieces that flatter your shape.

4) Coordinate colors and styles. Wear colors that coordinate, but don't worry about matching specifically. Just because one of you wears a blue shirt does not mean the other must also wear a blue shirt. Also, gone are the days of showing up to your session wearing matching white shirts and khakis. Let's see your STYLE! :) Just make sure you are wearing outfits on the same level of casualness or dressiness.

5) Don't be afraid of bright colors and patterns. I wouldn't dress head to toe in zebra print, but if your favorite shirt has a funky pattern, don't be afraid to bust it out!

6) Bring extra accessories! The quickest way to change up the look of your outfit is to switch out your shoes, add a sweater, ditch the scarf, etc.

7) If you can't decide, talk to me! Text me photos of your ideas. Or bring them to the session and we'll pick what will look best, and you don't have to stress.