2018 // Weddings & Portraits

I thought I wanted to be a wedding photographer before I had even photographed my first wedding. After that wedding, I knew I wanted more! I’ve lost track of the exact number of how many I’ve photographed, but I have not forgotten a single wedding. I remember the ceremonies I tear up at (most of them, honestly), I remember the first looks and sweet smiles, the magic. There are even some songs that come on that I can’t listen to without remembering who danced to it for their first dance. There isn’t a wedding that goes by that doesn’t remind me why I do this, and why I love it. And I could not do any of it without you guys, my amazing clients, who picked me. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Since tomorrow starts 2019 (no idea how that happened!), I thought I’d reflect on some of my favorite photos & moments from this past year.