Business & Details

Q. Do you travel?
Of course! I love to travel. In fact, it's one of my favorite things ever. Just the thought of going somewhere new (especially to take photos of people in love) is enough for me to start wishful-packing.

Q. What is required to book my date?
I require 30% down along with your signed contract to make it official. The final 70% is due 30 days prior to the wedding.

Q. Can you hold a date for me?
I'm so sorry but I can't hold your date for you or even pencil you in without a signed contract and a retainer! I make sure to be fair to everyone, so weddings are on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q. Can I pay you part of the amount after the wedding?
I require your chosen wedding collection to be paid in full prior to the wedding. Payment for additional products/prints/albums will be due after the wedding.

Q. Do you have insurance?
Yes! Just let me know if your venue wants me to provide that info!

Q. What if you are sick on my wedding day? What if you die?
I can assure you (as can my contract) that as long as I am not on my deathbed or in the hospital, I will be there. I have *knock on wood* never missed a wedding. I take my job very seriously and love what I do, and wouldn't just "call in sick" unless there was a very, very serious reason. If that were to ever be the case, I work with a network of amazing photographers and would find you a suitable and comparable replacement.

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Q. What is your style?
My style is a hybrid of romantic & photojournalistic. I look for the romantic, fun, and real moments. I like to be a quiet, calm presence on the wedding day and try to remain pretty hands-off, though I might ask you to take a couple of steps to one side when you're putting your dress on because the light is so, so perfect over by the window. I'll take as many couples' photos as you'll give me time for. I watch for the sweet moments - grandma seeing you for the first time, you and your love sneaking out onto the dance floor for a slow song, those moments.

Q. Will you take the same photos I found on pinterest?
Nope! I'll gladly look at your board if you'd like, and if there's a shot you absolutely LOVE then I'll see what I can do to take one similar, but I don't replicate pinterest shot lists. If I'm being honest, working off a pinterest list isn't nearly as fun (or unique!) as seeing what I come up with on my own, and I'm sure you'd like your wedding photos to be yours and yours alone and not copied from someone else. :)

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Wedding Day

Q. Who will photograph my wedding? Will it be you?
Yes! I’ll be the one showing up on your wedding day! I’ve * knock on wood * never missed a wedding, and don’t plan to, but promising to show up means also covering a frequently asked question - what if something happens? If any acts of God or deathbed situations arise, I promise (it’s even in your contract) that someone of equal talent and awesomeness will photograph your wedding.

Q. Who is your second photographer?
I am super picky with my second photographers. I have a few photographer friends that shoot with me. If they are unavailable, I select my new second shooters very carefully and make sure they’re just as talented, fun, responsible, and professional!

Q. How many hours do you work on the wedding day?
Up to 12 hours. Any more than that and my eyes are glazing over! :)

Q. Should we do a first look?
I'm a huge fan of first looks! They make the first time you see each other just that much more sweet & intimate. Just think - the first time your love sees you, it's just the two of you (and me, of course) and you get a few minutes to take it all in without everyone else watching your moment. And I've seen plenty of couples that still cry walking up the aisle even after a first look! First looks are also awesome because they provide more time for portraits prior to the ceremony, so you can enjoy more of the party (and actually eat dinner) afterwards.

That being said, whether or not you two have a first look is ultimately your decision and if you choose to wait to see each other until the ceremony, that's totally cool too!

Q. Do you use a "shot list" or want us to provide one?
Fear not! I've shot quite a few weddings by this point and I know the must-haves (seeing each other for the first time, a shot of the rings, the first kiss, etc.) without needing a list, and prefer not to have one honestly. The only list I need from you is of the family formals you'd like, and any shots I wouldn't know about (your college sorority group photo, you giving your grandma a gift, things like that! Moments and items that aren't typical at weddings.

Q. Do you work with a second photographer or an assistant? Is it someone you normally work with?
Most of my collections include a second photographer, yes! I LOVE working with a second photographer - they are an extension of me, and another set of eyes and ears for key moments. I have a couple of amazing friends in the industry that I prefer to shoot with, and try to make sure and snag one of them for your wedding! I always pick someone whose style is very similar and whose images will mix well with mine. Sometimes I also bring an assistant!

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After the Wedding

Q. What is your turnaround time?
I appreciate your patience as I go through the images from your wedding - I hand-edit each of your images to make sure they are perfect. Your photos will be in your gallery within six to eight weeks of your wedding! 

Q. Do I get all of the high-res photos?
Yes! My wedding collections all include all of your high-res final, edited images.

Q. Do I get printing rights? What about copyrights?
You absolutely get printing rights! I give you a print release so you can print your photos yourself! However, legally the copyrights belong to the photographer.

Q. Can I upload my wedding photos to Facebook/social media?
Of course! I love when you share your images! As is written in my contract, you may use your photos for personal use!. If you want to share them on Facebook, just give me photo credit somewhere and we'll be good to go!

Q. Can I have or see all of the unedited photos you took at our wedding?
Nope! But don't worry, I give you everything that isn't a test shot, someone blinking, or a duplicate.

Q. How many wedding photos will I get?
For a full day wedding I promise at least 500 photos, but I say that only to be safe - usually it ends up being more!

Q. Do you offer albums?
Of course! And even better, albums are included in my wedding collections! My parents' had this awesome album tucked away at my grandma's house and I pored through the pages every time I visited. I want you to be able to do the same with your wedding photos.

Engagement Sessions

Q. What should we bring to our engagement session?
Yourselves! And your dog if you want! And maybe one change of clothes. Your e-session is about you and your love! Carrying armfuls of props and bags takes some of the spontaneity out of those photos. Imagine this - your fiance takes your hand as we walk between locations, and it's too cute not to photograph, but first you'll have to stop and drop everything you're carrying. Kind of a buzzkill, right? Though if you have something specific in mind we'll talk about those ideas! :)

Q. What should we wear to our engagement session?
I get this question a lot, so I wrote a -blog- about it! For real though, wear something that you LOVE yourself in. Coordinate but don't match, and if you want, bring two outfits - one dressy and one semi-casual. I'm happy to help further if you still aren't sure!

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Equine Sessions

Q. Do I need anything special for a black background photo?
All I need for black background portraits is a clean, uncluttered barn doorway, freshly swept and with all the interior lights turned off. If this isn’t available, having a completely shady area can work depending on the location.

Q. What about for horse & rider sessions?
Most of my clients choose to do their shoot at their own barn, but if you’d like, we can always meet up at a location you’d prefer! We’ll chat about this part when we set up your session.

Q. How do I prepare my horse?

Get them ready like you would for a show! The more prepped your horse is, the more beautiful your photos will be. Bathe, detangle, brush, clip whiskers, etc. Going the extra mile will make your portraits stand out. I even recommend braiding or banding your horse if you are able to, as braiding and banding add a very classy touch to your portraits. If your horse is extra furry, consider a body clip, as I cannot edit a fuzzy horse to look slick.

Q. What do I wear for a horse & rider session?
I tell my clients to dress “cute casual.” Skinny jeans, a cute shirt, TOMs, a dress, it’s your choice! Some clients opt to wear show clothes but most prefer not to since they already have a bunch of photos of them in competition already.

Q. What do I get for "digital images"?
The photos included with your session fee are sized for social media/online use. They are not suitable for printing. I will send these photos to you via a personalized online gallery, and from there you can download & use.

Q. May I use my photos on Facebook/Instagram/etc.?
- Yes! I'd love for you to use your photos! I just ask that you tag me on whatever social media platform you are using. :)

Q. Can I order prints & canvases?
Wall art is the best part! You'll be able to order to your heart's content right from the gallery I send you!

Q. Do you travel?
Absolutely! I’ll go anywhere that I have enough interest, so just let me know if you and your barnmates are interested! Check out my -Travel page- for a tentative list of where I’ll be! Dates are subject to change if I don’t get enough interest in that location, so be sure to let me know if you see I’ll be somewhere near you!

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