2018 // Lifestyle, Newborn & Family

Earlier this year I started offering lifestyle sessions! I was thinking back on the photos with my family that I loved the most, and those were not the photos where we were all facing the camera and saying cheese. My favorites were of my family doing things together: sitting around talking, playing outside, goofing off, those kinds of moments. This made me think about what kinds of memories I’d like to give my clients, and now here we are!

Most of these sessions take place in my clients’ homes, but sometimes we go outside too! They’ve included a couple, a mom, dad, newborn, multiple kiddos, fur babies, or any combination of those. (More info can be found here.) These have become one of my favorite kinds of sessions, and I can’t wait to do more of them! Thank you to all my wonderful clients (and friends) who invited me into their homes this year.