Black Background Portrait Sessions


Fine art portraits of your beloved equine friend.

Sessions Include
- 30 minute session
- 10+ digital files, sized for social media/online use
- online proofing gallery

Additional Horses
Additional horses (owned by the same person)
can be added to your session. Each new horse will get its own 30 minute session. The rate for additional horses goes down with each horse added. Additional horses begin at $140 per horse.

In-Barn Discount - Black Background Sessions
4+ horses in the same barn
Each session $150, $30 for each additional horse by the same owner

This session requires a clean (swept or raked), uncluttered barn doorway. I photograph your horse in natural light to show off their unique personality. These are horse-only sessions; if you'd like to be in the photos with your horse, you'll want a Horse & Rider session! :)

Horse & Rider Sessions


For capturing moments & bonds between horses and the people who love them.

Sessions Include
- Up to two hours of session time
- Multiple horses
- 50+ digital files
- online proofing gallery
- includes one mini black background session (30 minutes)
- One (1) 16x24 fine art canvas of your chosen image

In-Barn Discount - Horse & Rider Sessions
2+ riders at the same barn
Each session $375



Additional prints & products available through your online gallery.


Wall Art

Show off those portraits! You took all that time getting your horse ready for their portrait session, and now it's time to show them off in your own home! Whether you'd like a big canvas for your wall, or an album of all your portraits for your coffee table, I work with a professional lab to offer all sorts of tangible products!

- Photographic Prints
- Fine Art Canvases
- Metal Prints
- Albums



How do I prepare my horse?
- Get them ready like you would for a show! The more prepped your horse is, the more beautiful your photos will be. Bathe, detangle, brush, clip whiskers, etc. Going the extra mile will make your portraits stand out. I even recommend braiding or banding your horse if you are able to, as braiding and banding add a very classy touch to your portraits. If your horse is extra furry, consider a body clip, as I cannot edit a fuzzy horse to look slick.

What do I get for "digital images"?
The photos included with your session fee are sized for social media/online use. They are not suitable for printing. I will send these photos to you via a personalized online gallery, and from there you can download & use.

Can I use my photos on Facebook/Instagram/etc.?
- Yes! I'd love for you to use your photos! I just ask that you tag me on whatever social media platform you are using. :)

Can I order prints & canvases?
Wall art is the best part! You'll be able to order to your heart's content right from the gallery I send you!

Do you travel?
Absolutely! I’ll go anywhere that I have enough interest, so just let me know if you and your barnmates are interested! Check out my -Travel page- for a tentative list of where I’ll be! Dates are subject to change if I don’t get enough interest in that location, so be sure to let me know if you see I’ll be somewhere near you!